About Us

Candy and chocolate makers

The Turin tradition and the innovation of the new generation

From the meeting with a couple of elderly artisans who, despite having ceased their activity, still jealously guarded the recipes handed down from father to son and part of the old equipment, the decision was born to bring to light the ancient processing of candies and chocolate of the Turin tradition carried out almost entirely by hand.

In our Laboratory, tradition and innovation come together and, while respecting quality, give life to a wide variety of delicacies that conquer the most refined palates and the needs of the most attentive nutritionists.

We got something for everyone, for a complete and thrilling taste experience!


Our Candies

Fragrant essential oils, extracts of medicinal plants, fruit pulp for a cascade of tastes and flavors, one more irresistible than the other


Our chocolate

From tablets to creams and chocolates, real treats for the palate of the most demanding palates.. A combination of original and irresistible tastes!

Our passion

natural ingredients, tradition and craftsmanship

Natural ingredients, tradition and craftsmanship Our passion has driven us to look for producers of natural ingredients that share the love for genuine things.
The natural ingredients, the softness, the quality, are characteristics that make our products unique, therefore intended for the most attentive consumers of all ages.
We are sure that we will conquer your palate! You will not be able to resist our unmistakable handmade soft candies, rich in taste and absolutely natural…
If you prefer chocolate, then you can delight yourself with our Dragèes or tablets and delicious creams.